The Wigtastic Boss

Strolling on Instagram one day, I discovered a women that showed her faith, her love for her family and the inside look of what it means to be a boss. I’m not sure if she recalls, but even. Before seeing her page, my first time ever meeting her was when she purchased some Cookies from my daughters troops and then realizing we know some of the same people. 

When it came to this weeks feature and what she really shows by uplifting others, I had to ask her to tell us more💫💕.

So who is this incredible woman you ask? Well it is no other than Shannetta Foxmoor. She is a wife, mom, and Ceo Of Naked Truth Hair.
She particularly specializes in removable glueless wigs. 

OBWG: What are some beauty trends that you think should start, stop, and continue for 2020?

Shannetta: WIGS should definitely continue! What I would stop in 2020 is over plucked parting in the lace frontal or closure… If you ever part your real hair, you will NEVER have a part that wide unless you are really balding… Our wigs should mimic our natural hair to an extent. What I want to see started in 2020, women gaining the confidence to be able to Rock a wig whenever and not shamed for doing so, but also able to take her wig off without feeling the need to hide behind it! DO BOFFUM!! LOL.

OBWG: Who is someone that is a boss that inspires you, and why?

Shannetta: The boss that first inspires me is my father @pete_darker! As long as I can remember, he made a way using the ability that God gave him. From airbrushing clothing to becoming a well known Barber. Then Starting his own clothing line to creating literally WHATEVER COMES TO HIS MIND! It is truly mind-blowing and also a goal to be able to tap into every bit of talent I have to impact the world one person at a time.

OBWG: For someone new to wearing wigs, what is a tip that you can give them?

Shannetta: Start basic PLEASE!!! A middle part closure bob is the best way to start in the wig world… We refer most of our new “Truth Troopers” (our clients) to our custom wigs “Bonnie Bob” or “Fiji Falls” if you really want a side part style. A lot of folks get excited to see the different colors and hairlines that can be achieve with wearing wigs but do not understand the discipline nor maintenance that comes with certain types of wigs. This is why it is best to have a consultation to explain what your goals are for wearing wigs and if it is best suited for your lifestyle.

OBWG: I love the fact that you take the time to explain the process to your customers and potential clients. Like you said sometime people get excited at the look of a style. Reminds me of taking pictures to a cosmetologist and expecting to turn into a magician.

OBWG: How have wigs been beneficial in your own life?

Shannetta: I’ve always worn wigs believe it or not! My first year in college, it was so necessary due to time and lack of money. I stopped for a while but started back in 2016 and haven’t looked back… Saves me time and honestly even though it is an investment, still saves me money.

OBWG: What are some misconceptions about wearing wigs?

Shannetta: “If you wear wigs, you do not have a lot of hair or you do not embrace your hair” BIG LIE I have plenty of hair and I also love my hair! Most of my clients love their wigs and also their natural hair which is why they invest in their wigs! That brings me to the next misconception of “Wigs ruin your hair or hairline” This is only true to an extent. Just like ever other hair style, you must have someone professional to properly make and apply your wig to you. If you use a lot of adhesive, that will cause pulling to your hair. If they leave your wig on for too long without regular maintenance then that will also cause your hair to fall out. Overall if you use wigs the correct way, they will promote healthy growing hair, what we like to call a “Protective Style”.

OBWG: I know that is right. That is a big misconception to clear up. What do you love about being your own boss?

Shannetta: I am able to control my environment, time/ schedule, and create new opportunity without needing to seek permission. The freedom comes with a significant price but so well worth it.

OBWG :To find more about your company, where can people find more information on Naked Truth hair?

Shannetta: Please follow us on Instagram at @nakedtruthhair and also on Facebook at “Naked Truth Hair Extension.” To shop our Bundle and Wig collection, please visit our website at

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