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On Board with Geton is a site that is committed to sharing my journaling and all the things that are on my hear. Some of the details you can look forward to seeing are women that have stepped out on faith to start or create the life they want. For those of you that know me, you have asked, how do I achieve so much as a single mom, I want to chat with other women to inspire anyone that is stuck, to know that I’m not the only one. Go after your goals!

If you follow her at Lifewithchelleb on Instagram then you will see why she has influenced so many people’s relationship goals, mom goals, and personal goals. I’m honored that she has agreed to answer some questions about her blog and journey on motherhood.


Who is Michelle Cooke?as a mom, wife, blogger, etc?

Michelle: I’m a Full-time Mortgage professional and Event Manger, wife, mother and blogger.

OBWG: Michelle, you definitely have your hands full and a beautiful family. With that being said, what is your favorite holiday and why do you look forward to it?

Michelle: Thank you!! Ah! Although Halloween is my favorite night of the year Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the joy it brings, the hallmark movies, decorating for it and gifting others.

OBWG: How far in advance do you normally have to plan for the holidays?

Michelle: I plan a year or more in advance because I start shopping early. I have already picked my theme and colors for Christmas 2020.

OBWG: How would you define motherhood in your own words?

Michelle: A beautiful mess!

OBWG: What advice would you give any women a mommy readers that may see this?

Michelle: To find what it is you want to do and go for it. It is so easy to get lost in our role as a mother, wife or employee but it is so important we work toward the things that bring us joy. Never give up on your dream.

OBWG: What was the best advice you have ever received about motherhood?

Michelle: There is no such thing as a perfect mom just do your best and the rest will come.

Michelle with her husband of 10 years Greg.

OBWG: How do you feel about the country’s maternity leave policy? Being a mom, how much time do you think is sufficient to have off of work?

Michelle: It sucks! 6 weeks isn’t even enough time to heal let alone bond with your baby. Also some employers will not even pay you 100% of your salary. Mine didn’t. 12 months would be sufficient with the option to go back earlier or part time at the choice of the mother.

OBWG: Knowing That You Are A Mom And An Established Blogger. If You Had To Do It All Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?

Michelle: I would have started earlier. I pushed blogging off for over 4 years. I started with a family page in October 2014. I wasn’t consistent and made so many excuses on why I couldn’t get my blog started.

OBWG: To stay up to date with Michelle and her many adventures, be sure to check her out on Instagram at : lifewithchelleb and tell her I sent you😊.

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