My Lasik Eye Surgery Experience

My history of having to wear glasses or contacts dates back to when I was in 3rd grade. Thinking back to that time, I truly do not believe that I needed either. Confuse? well let me give you the back story. Growing up, I suffered from getting severe migraines. My headaches were so bad that I would blackout and ended up at the hospital or the doctors weekly. In an effort to find out why I was getting migraines so frequently, the doctor had me eliminate foods from my diet, get black out curtains, take a headache preventative medication, and lastly I was prescribed glasses. I was told that some people strain their eyes and may not realize it so because of that they wanted me to wear glasses.

All of the solutions that were recommended to me, never fixed my migraine issue. But it did create many years of contact and glass wearing for me. Because I had gotten so used to wearing glasses, doing anything without them was a struggle. At one point I even asked my eye doctor was I blind, and her response back in the day was no but that I was very nearsighted, which meant I could not see far away. To put my sight in perspective, I could only make out color of the items or things that I looked at.

Reasons why I went with LASIK

I went with getting LASIK because I didn’t want to be confined to my glasses or contacts. Over the past three years, I have been traveling at least three times a year. I can get in the water with lenses on, but then you risk the factor of losing them in the water. If they break, your insurance will not pay for you to get another pair. I have gotten prescription sunglasses in the past, but you cannot wear them while wearing your contacts. They are too dark to be an all-day resolution. Contacts were no longer an option for me because of my allergies.

Like I said, I have had both glasses and contacts since I was in the 3rd grade, so the amount of money that I have spent on glasses and contacts, I could have paid for the procedure 100 times.

Day of my of my procedure.

The day of my lasik surgery, I was told to be prepared to wait 2-3 hours. I’m not sure of the reason why, but all I know is there were several people coming and going getting the procedure done. I had to complete some consent forms and then I was taken back by the nurse to meet Dr. Chirag Shah, M. D. He asked me if I had any questions and took me right back to the lasik room.

Now, all of the research I had did, I was prepared for the transformation. The first thing that happens was that numbing liquid was poured into my eyes. Then, in all honesty, the most uncomfortable step of the whole thing was when the suction was placed on my eye. I wouldn’t say that it hurt, but you could feel the pressure. The entire time, I’m laying back looking at lights. While the suction was still on my eye, I was transferred to another machine, ( I was told it was the laser). The entire time I was awake. I felt more drops in my eye, smelled something that reminded me of something burning, and I could see a tiny little brush go across my eyes. I would say it took less than 5 minutes for everything. Immediately, the doctor placed eye protection glasses on me, and we took a photo, and I was free to go home.

I was told that with 20 minutes after the surgery, that I would feel like sand was on my eyes. I guess everyone’s description is different because I never had a sand feeling sensation; to me, it felt more like has slept with contacts in, and my eyes were dry.

I was able to read the names of streets and even see more than just the color of objects. For the actual procedure, I had to get driven by someone. The following day I was cleared to drive by myself, which was the day after my surgery.

To see my Lasik experience, I have attached my YouTube channel so you can get a better look.

If you are thinking about LASIK, and you live in the Tri-State area, contact

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