Mom Bag Essentials

My Mom bag is “The Work Tote” from Béis.

When you are a mom, leaving the house without your mask is not the only essential item you need in your possession. There has been countless times where I would be out somewhere and would forget something for my children or myself. Fool me once, I’m sure you know the rest of that saying. Now that I’m back to being a toddler again, there are certain things that I need in my bag at all times.

1. Smartphone.

I cannot even recall a time in which I had to function without my smart phone. I use my phone for everything from grocery lists, to-do lists, appointments, reminders, and of course for general conversation when needed.

2. Wallet and Keys

I can literally count on both hands how many times, I have gone into a grocery store and did not have the right form of payment to pay for my groceries. Thank goodness there are stores that accept Apple Pay, otherwise, I would be having to leave a cart full of groceries behind. Now a days, I make sure that my wallet is always in my possession. That and my keys are both something that could so easily be forgotten. I only need my actual keys to lock and unlock my car and home door. My car will not even start if the keys are not near my vehicle.

3. Wipes and Pull-ups

We are still in the potty training stages and even though Taylor is doing amazing with telling me when she goes to the potty, that is when we are in the comfort of our own home. Since, the Corona Pandemic, we do not get out of the house much. In the event we do, it does not hurt to have wipes and pull-ups on hand in case of an emergency.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another essential of mines that I like to keep in my mom bag. There are a number of sanitizer options to choose from. For me, I like to keep the travel size liquid sanitizer and the wipes. Both are great for stick hands or for whipping away a mess caused by myself or my children.

5. Loose change or cash.

This is a must because you never know when you need to tip someone or you want to treat your family to a snack. We are in the year of 2020, but there are still times in which it may not be wise to pull out your card for a small purchase.

6. Notebook and pen.

So I know that I mentioned that I use my phone for a number of things. I also like to keep pen and paper on hand. My children like to doodle and there has been times in the past where I may have had my hands full and needed them to jot down some information on paper. Even if it is not being used, it is one of those things in which it wont hurt to have on hand.

7. A mini first aid kit.

I purchased a mini first aid kit from Amazon. It has literally be a lifesaver for everything from a minor paper cut to a annoying tag that needed to be cut off of an article of clothing. The kit is an 87 pieces first aid supplies which cover the majority usage in daily accidents.Be Prepared In Case Of Disasters Like Earthquakes And Other Real-World Emergencies.When an emergency happens, I personally have one in my home, car, and purse. The first aid case helps you treat immediate injuries, protect people from further injury, and prevent infection with safe relief.

These are all things that after not having them one time, I have learned to keep them on me at all times. You do not have to overpack with junk but I strongly suggest at least considering the needs of you and your household.

Do you think there is a perfect mom bag? I absolutely do. Before I purchased the one I have I did extensive research. I do not swap out my bags on the regular so for me, having the removable smaller bag included was perfect for me. It also has a wide shoulder strap so that if I need to add more supplies to my bag, I’m not putting a strain on my shoulder. In addition, the Work Tote also so has a part outside the bag that your handles on a suitcase can go through which makes this bag ideal for traveling as well. I also no longer have to empty out my pocketbook to search for my keys because it also includes a key fob that I can hook my keys too. I love my mom’s bag. IF you would like to see more on the bag I have, I also did a review on my YouTube channel. You can access the video by clicking this link

What are somethings you feel are essential to carry in your handbag? I would love to hear from you below.

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