Instagram Roll Outs Since The Pandemic

If you are like me then you will agree that Instagram is so fun and addicting to use. In fact, I often find myself saying that I would only go on for a few minutes to only find out that an hour has went bye.

What I Use Instagram for?

I use Instagram for many reasons. One of those reasons is memory purposes. Being a mom, time passes faster than one could imagine. I love looking back at my families transformation. I also use Instagram for free advertising. Anytime I have new videos or blog content coming out, I share that information on my Instagram.

My actual Instagram Account.

New Updates

You can now Pin comments. If someone leaves a comment and you do not want to loose track of what was said, just go to that persons comment on your post, swipe the comment to the left. You will see a push pin icon, hit that. See below for an actual visual.

No more copy & paste.

Select the picture or background you want to use.
Ope the Icon that the above arrow is pointing at.
You should see see the above image, if so click that. It will take you directly to your camera roll.
Once you select the image you want, you will get over lay it on top of the image you screen shot.

Lastly, no more rushing during your live to add the title of your live. You can now add a title before going live. This will give your supporters a heads up of the reason you are going live.

Can you think of any other features that you have found on Instagram during this pandemic? If so let me know in the comments below.

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