How to Get Motivated to Clean When Overwhelmed By a Mess: Quick Tips For Busy Moms

Within these last couple of months of being home due to COVID-19, I have not been doing my chores like I normally would. I mean I cannot blame myself for being tired. In fact, a typical day for me starts with the following:

  • Take the baby to daycare
  • Come back home and start working an at least 10 hour day.
  • Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner for the oldest kids
  • Find some time time to incorporate some sort of physical activity.

After all of that, I have been too tired to even focus on myself.

However recently, I have found some effective ways to do everything that I was doing previously and how to keep my home clean.

Tip #1 Speed Clean

Try speed cleaning. When I think of speed cleaning, I like to think of it like speed dating. You cut the timer on I recommend 10 minutes or less, and focus on one area of the home. Try to get as much cleaned in that area as possible and then move on. Do this for each section of your home that needs to be tidied up. In no time you should be able to find some sense of accomplishment by achieving what you have been able to achieve while speed cleaning.

Tip 2# Clean as You Go

For me, one thing that would always pile up on me was my mail. Once I started going through the mail I quickly noticed that 9 times out of ten that I had junk mail, circulars, or mail for the wrong people. To avoid a pile up of junk mail, as soon as I would go to the mail box I would sort what I needed to keep and immediately throw away what was trash.

I do something similar with the laundry. When I notice that an item is beyond repair I toss it. Or if my kids can no longer fit it, I donate it or get rid of it as well.

Another way that I have started to clean as I go is if I have to go to the bathroom, I speed clean the bathroom. If I need something from the kitchen, I load the dishwasher.

Tip #3 Recruit Help

Because I do not live my myself, majority of the mess that is in my home is not not solely created by me. I often have to recruit my children to help with the cleaning. Even children that are as young as one years old can do chores such as picking up and putting away their toys.

Tip #4 Keep The Right Supplies

Nothing gets me more motivated to clean than knowing that I have the right tools to do the job. By using the wrong supplies can make you feel like you haven’t cleaned at all. With that being said, some of my favorite things to use when cleaning are:

  • Mr. Clean Magic Eraser It is perfect for cleaning tough stains in the bathroom and gentle enough to remove marks left on painted walls.
  • Mrs. Meyers Dish Soap
  • Method Heavy Duty Degreaser. I use this to break through tough food splatters on the stove and microwave. It easily breaks through grease so that you will not have to break a sweat trying to.
  • A good vacuum can go a long way. I’m currently in love with my cordless vacuum by Tineco I can use it as an upright vacuum and even as a handheld. The fact that it is cordless with great suction makes it convenient to even vacuum out my car.

Majority of the products I use in my home are eco and kid-friendly. I have been ordering from Grove Collaboratives now for the past 4 years.

If you would like to check them out and get a free gift after your first purchase, here is a link for you to do so

I hope you have found these tips helpful. Whenever you are feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breathe and understand that all you can do is all that you can do.

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