Things You Should Never Say to a Work From Home /Stay at Home Mom

Last year, I prayed for the opportunity to be able to work from home. Little did I know, that 4 months after that prayer, that not only was I working from home, but my 7 and 11 year old were out of the classroom environment and learning at home as well due to COVID-19.

Never having to work from home prior, I’m tipping my hats off to all of the work from home or stay at home moms out there. Never have I had to cook so much, use Google as a Tutor, or have so many meetings in my life. Now that I’m in the same boat as so many moms that are stay at home mothers or work from home moms, I wanted to discuss conversation etiquette also known as what not to say to these moms especially during this pandemic!

  1. For starters, it is never okay to say to a WFHM/SAHM: you are lucky. Although I’m extremely grateful to be home and working, the state and the condition the word is in at the moment is not anything I would have predicted. In fact, I’m doing triple the work that I would have had to do when I was in the office with the kids being home.
  2. What did you do all day? That is a big No! No! Just because a person is home, does not mean that they are not working. There are some days that I’m so swamped with work and being a mom, that I haven’t even had a second to get dressed.
  3. You would have thought the house would be cleaned. Listen, a week into working from home, I threw the towel in. I gave up with going back fourth about the messed my kids kept creating around the house. As long as I was able to do the job that I was being paid for done, nothing else mattered. I could not stress about the appearance of my house. It has been 5 months since we have all been home, and chores and allowances has somewhat changed the overwhelming cleaning list.
  4. What are you tired from? You been home all day. I’m not even going to go into the break down of that insult. Just do not let a WFHM or a SAHM hear you say it.
  5. At least you do not have to worry about paying daycare. When did taking care of your child ever boil down to the cost of taking care of your children?

The list could go on and on. But the fact remains that anything you could say to a person could be a sensitive topic.

It may seem crazy that a list of things not to say has to be created. However, these are things that people in these shoes have reported hearing based on their situation. What ever happened to the saying, if you do not have anything nice to say, than do not say anything at all. We are all dealing with things that others are almost always in the know about. So instead of placing judgement against others, try offering words of encouragement as we all figure out how to deal with our “new normal”.

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  1. 8.18.20

    Shalom Sis. I love this post. Would you like to expand and submit it as a guest to The Hebrew Housewife? I’d love to feature you!

    • 8.18.20

      Yes I would love to. Let me know how I can assist.

      • 8.18.20

        All you would need to do is go into detail a bit further, put some numbers beside each point like a list, and provide a tiny outro at the end about who you are and inviting my readers to your blog!💖

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