Easy Homemade DIY Milk Bath Soak

I have kept my resolution from last year which was to stay active. I have also added one to this year which was MORE self care. With that being said, I have remained the ultimate homebody, therefore one of my favorite self care remedies is a good milk bath soak. A milk bath is when you add liquid or powder form milk to a warm bath. Plus, bath time is one of those times that I can pretty much guarantee that I will not be interrupted. I’m able to reflect and release all of tension and worry away.

So, in honor of the importance of self care and Bubble Bath Day, which is January 8,2022, I’m sharing one of my favorite milk bath soaks recipes.

In my honest opinion, a milk bath is just a step up from the traditional bubble bath. Making bath soaks at home is not only convenient but also be more cost effective. Milk baths can be created by using liquid or powder milk. You can always kick your milk bath experience up a notch by adding in your favorite essential oils and dried flowers, fruits or herbs. Milk bath soaks can be as simple or as fancy as you like. It is something about making them with my hands that make my bath routine extra special.

DIY Oat & Milk Bath Soak

Reported Benefits of Milk Bathes:

  • How it soothes and hydrates my skin.
  • Helps with inflammatory skin conditions.
  • Releases tension
  • Can help correct skin conditions.
  • Soothes sunburn.
  • and can even be used to exfoliate your skin.
Milk Bath with Fruit and Herbs

What is so good about the milk?

For my bath soak recipe, I use powdered goats milk. The goat milk contains fatty acids that aids in the repair to the barrier of the skin. In addition, the milk also has probiotics to assist the grow of normal skin. Vitamin A is added benefit to the bath soak because it acts as a gentle exfoliant. So this milk added to your bath, will give you noticeably softer skin.


These bath soaks can also make a great gift for some of your other friends. The gift can be customized by placing them in a decorative bowl or a jar with a lid with some cute label instructions to along with it. The milk bath soak can also be used as a foot soak for days that you would like to do pedicures at home.

WARNING: These bath soaks may not work for everyone. I highly recommend that before you fill up your bath water, that you research the ingredients that I used in this recipe or that you would like to customize in yours. Once you have looked everything up, just make sure that the ingredients do not contain anything that you are allergic to.

If you find soaks to be soothing see just how easy it is to make on your own.


  • First you will need to select whether or not you will use liquid or powder milk. I used powdered goats milk.
  • Oat Flour ( this too is easy to make by just adding dried oatmeal to a blender and blending until it turns into a fine powder substance.
  • Add in dried fruit, essential oil and/or dry herbs
  • Mix in a container with a lid until it is well combined.

When you are ready, add to a warm bath and enjoy!

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