How You Can (Do) SOLO DATES AS A SINGLEMOM Almost Instantly

Before the pandemic hit, one of the goals that I had for myself was to go on more dates. Not the kind of dates that include a companion, but instead the kind of date where it is just you on the guest list.

Solo Dinner Date: Dinner at the Yard House

Once the pandemic hit, I found myself as a work-from-home mom. As you may recall, schools went to a virtual environment and my kids and I were with each other 24-7.

It was during this lockdown that I mastered the concept of self-care and solo dates. I never miss an opportunity to seize the moment of me-time and my kids seem to appreciate me more when I’m in great spirits from being able to refill my cup. Being a single mom, it can be a challenge to find a solo date, so regardless of a person’s limitations, here are some solo dates that you can incorporate instantly.

  1. Define what the date looks like to you. A solo date simply put is a date that involves you treating yourself, in the same manner, you would treat someone you love. The advantage you have is that who knows your interest better than you? If you love the outdoors, go for a walk, sit out at a park, have a picnic.
  2. Grab a book or a magazine. Pick a comfortable location and start reading something you have been wanting to read or finish a book you have previously started.
  3. Plan some pampering. Going to a spa can be pricey but creating a spa environment at home does not have to be expensive. You can set the mood by lighting a candle and turning on some relaxing music. You can even do a skincare routine that includes, cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your skin.
  4. Visit a museum. During the first weekend of the month (Saturday and Sunday), check with participating cultural institutions for operating hours. Photo ID with valid Bank of America, Merrill or Bank of America Private Bank (US Trust) credit or debit card must be presented. One free general admission is limited to individual cardholder at participating cultural institutions. You can find a participating museum by visiting
  5. Hit up a restaurant. This is one of my favorite solo dates because who doesn’t love food? I typically take my journal or a planner and like to not down things that may be on my mind.
  6. Learn a new skill. Take a class. It can be anything from cake decorating, cooking, wine tasting, candle making, the options are endless and online class does count.
  7. Retail Therapy. Treat yourself to something you have been eyeing.
  8. Get yourself some fresh flowers. “Take time to do what makes your SOUL happy”
  9. Book a room. Enjoy a night or weekend in with a change of scenery.
  10. Binge-watch a show or catch a movie that you have been wanting to see.
  11. You pick. If you feel as though I missed a solo date amidea that you enjoy, feel free to leave a comment below. 💞
Nashville Honey Hot Chicken (Yard House)

The key factor to keep in mind: how you treat yourself sets the tone for how you allow others to treat you. The foundation starts with you.

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  1. 1.29.22
    Kangelia said:

    Excellent post and I can remember being intentional about dating myself prior to meeting my husband. Some of my friends laughed but those were some of the best dates my friends. Enjoy

    • 1.29.22

      I’m sure!! Me time is so important. There is always the narrative of what we give up as women but there is so much to gain in those moments when you are by yourself.

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