Everything You Wanted to Know About SMALL CABIN GETAWAY WITH MY KIDS and Were Too Embarrassed to Ask

Life can get so hectic that it is imperative to unplug from work, school, WiFi and routines with the ones that mean the most to you.

In desperate need of a mindful reset, as a single mom, I decided to take my daughters to a Getaway Cabin.

The cabins were two hours from my home. The distance makes getting away to unwind intentional because he was w likely are to stay after doing all of that driving? For me, very. Driving to the cabins you start to see things slow down quickly due to the whiney, and narrow roads. You see start to see civilization disappear, and the speed limit decrease. But, don’t worry, the views were breathtaking.

Prior to our arrival, we received the cabin code that was used to let us inside of the cabin. It is suggested that you download the map of the campground so that you can easily get around in the event you lose cell reception.

When we arrived to the cabin, we fell in love with the set up. Each cabin had its own parking and outdoor seating area with a firepit. I knew early on that I wanted to make smores but I forgot the sticks to put the marshmallows on, a lighter and had no clue where to get firewood from. To our surprise, the cabin had a bag that included a kit to make smores available for purchase. Outside of the cabin, was a bin that was filled with firewood.

No matter how long my getaways are, I often pack more than what I need. These cabins are small but do not miss a beat when it comes to stocking it with the essentials such as:

  • A cell phone lockbox
  • Dish soap
  • Shampoo + conditioner
  • Pots, pans, kettle, utensils
  • Hot shower and toilet
  • Two burner stove
  • Salt and pepper
  • Playing cards
  • Books
  • Drawing paper and a map.

The cabins are also pet friend. So if you have a dog, you will find dog bowls available, a leash and small treat.

This was my first getaway of this kind but it will not be the last. The cabins stand out because if their big window. Being a single mom, that did make me nervous but I never felt as though our privacy was jeopardized. Plus, the black out shades could be pulled up or down based on your preference. In an effort to be more mindful and to incorporate self care, sometimes a change in scenery is what is needed.

To find out if a getaway cabin is near you click here to be taken to the booking site. https://getaway.house/booking


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